Rebol and Red on Cloud9

21 Aug 2013 #rebol #red #c9

You might have heard about the Cloud9 IDE. It's a collaborative development environment in the cloud. Having the Auto-Save and Auto-Merge turned on in the Preferences, it's almost as good as these web based tools which show all the cursors of the collaborators:

or these native ones:

I can't recall why, but it has just occured to me that c9 might be good for working on Red / Rebol scripts too. I gave it a try and it just worked! :)

Let's say we want to play a little CodeGolf using Rebmu, running on either Rebol 2 or Rebol 3. This is what we should run from the c9 terminal:

# Get Rebol 2
curl -A '' -O
tar zxvf rebol-core-278-4-2.tar.gz
mv releases/rebol-core/rebol .
rm -rf releases/

# Get Rebol 3 community build
curl -O

# Get Rebmu
curl -O
curl -O
curl -O

# Try it!
./r3-g4d9840f -q --do 'do %rebmu.rebol rebmu [pr"HEllO, REBmu!"]'

But let's not just stop there! What if we can actually work the development of Red together?

git clone
cd red
../rebol --do 'do/args %red.r "%red/tests/"'

and half a minute later you will get a Red prompt! (It takes the long only because at the moment it loads Red/System first into Rebol 2, then compiles the Red interpreter into Red/System for compilation or something like that :) The point is, it will improve a lot within a few weeks) Here is a screenshot:

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